Kbear’s Favorite Songs from This Week in 2001

Alan Jackson – Where I Come From

Brooks & Dunn – Only In America

Corolyn Dawn Johnson – Complicated

Blake Shelton – Austin

Toby Keith – I’m Just Talkin’ About Tonight

Reba McEntire – I’m a Survivor

2001 Memories on the Back 20:

Ocean’s Eleven became the 5th highest grossing film of the year.  Starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Julia Roberts, this film was a reboot of the 1960 movie that starred Frank Sinatra and his Rat Pack.  The movie grossed more than the money that was stolen in the film’s final casino heist.

In 2001, 20 criminals were pardoned FOR WITCHCRAFT– from the Salem Witch Trials over 300 years earlier.  But the final not-witch would not be pardoned until this year, thanks to an 8th grader that pointed out the oversight.