Kbear’s Favorite Songs from This Week in 1985

Gary Morris – I’ll Never Stop Loving You

Alabama – Can’t Keep A Good Man Down

George Strait – The Chair

The Judds – Have Mercy

Steve Wariner – Some Fools Never Learn

Earl Thomas Conley – Nobody Falls Like a Fool

1985 Memories on the Back 20:

Atari was struggling.  The once giant icon of video games (and home computers) could not compete against Nintendo’s new release of Super Mario Bros., and this new upstart company called “Microsoft” and their 1985 release of “Windows 1.0” whatever that was.

Cameras still used film, and that mean Fotomats still dotted most cities–tiny huts in parking lots for the dropping off/picking up of film for developing.  The first digital camera would appear in 1988.  That’s when many Fotomats would start to disappear, and some would become what we see all the time in Anchorage: COFFEE KIOSKES.

In 1985, Minolta took a big step toward our future selfies.  They introduced the first single lens reflex camera with AUTO FOCUS.