Kbear’s Favorite Songs from This Week in 2014

Luke Bryan – Roller Coaster

Cole Swindell – Hope You Get Lonely Tonight

Florida Georgia Line – Dirt

Dustin Lynch – Where It’s At

Jason Aldean – Burnin’ It Down

Blake Shelton – Neon Light (At the End of the Tunnel)

2014 Memories on the Back 20:

Game of Thrones, infamous for killing off characters that viewers thought were heroes, finally offed Joffrey!  King Joffrey, the cruel, bratty boy and sociopath, was taken down by a goblet of poisoned wine–a fitting end for the royal whiner.

The Ice Bucket Challenge for the ALS Association was in full swing.  Celebs who didn’t want to dump ice water on themselves were often shamed, but Sir Patrick Stewart of Star Trek: The Next Generation found a great way to shame the shamers.  In a video, Captain Piccard wrote a big check for the charity, then pulled over an ice bucket… dropped some cubes in a glass and poured some booze.

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