Kbear’s Favorite Songs from This Week in 2002

Toby Keith – Who’s Your Daddy

Shania Twain – I’m Gonna Get You Good

Keith Urban – Somebody Like You

George Strait – She’ll Leave You With A Smile

Rascall Flatts – These Days

Montgomery/Gentry – My Town

2002 Memories on the Back 20:

An asteroid the size of a football field almost hit the Earth, missing us by only 74,000 miles (that’s a close one in space terms).  A similarly sized rock hit the earth in 1908 with the force of about 12 megatons.  That was known as the Tunguska Event.

SNL alumnus Dana Carvey had his very one film and it FLOPPED.  The Master of Disguise only cost $16 Million to make, so technically it was a success after grossing $43.4 Million.  But even big name co-stars like James Brolin and Brent “Commander Data” Spiner couldn’t help fend off bad reviews.  Critics and movie goers hated it.  The movie earned a 1% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.