Kbear’s Favorite Songs from This Week in 2014

Sam Hunt – Leave the Night On

Little Big Town – Day Drinking

Blake Shelton – Neon Light (At the End of the Tunnel)

Maddie & Tae – Girl In A Country Song

Tim McGraw – Shotgun Rider

Carrie Underwood – Something in the Water

2014 Memories on the Back 20:

2014 had very different outcomes for two different restaurants.  The Quiznos chain, famous for toasted subs and infamous for strange commercials (like the “sponge monkeys” series), filed for bankruptcy.

Meanwhile, McDonalds opened up its first restaurant in Vietnam.  McDonalds in that country, like every non-American market McDonalds, has some unique menu items–including chicken melts, fried chicken, garlic soy sauce and more.