Kbear’s Favorite Songs from This Week in 1997

Martina McBride – A Broken Wing

Garth Brooks – Longneck Bottle

Tim McGraw – Just to See You Smile

Tim McGraw featuring Faith Hill – It’s Your Love

Kenny Chesney – She’s Got It All

Shania Twain – Love Gets me Every Time

1997 Memories on the Back 20:

The movie Contact, starring Jody Foster and Matthew McConaughey, invaded theaters.  Based on the book by famous scientist Carl Sagan (the story was written by Sagan and his wife Ann Druyan), it was praised by SETI–the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, as being the most accurate depiction of SETI of any Hollywood movie in history.

1997 was the last year you could buy full-sized Hershey’s Krackle Candy Bars.  They gave up the full-size fight for the chocolate & crisped rice candy bar to Nestle’s Crunch.  After ’97, they would only be available in mini-size, usually in the assorted Hershey’s Mini’s you see around Halloween.