Dailymail.com reported a seven-year-old boy has used his own birthday gift cards to buy a bike for a man in need.

Orlando Police Department

Matthew and his mother Suzanne Neve had just left a Target on Saturday in Orlando when they saw man running down the street, flagging his arms to get their attention.  The man told Neve that his bike had just been stolen and he needed their help.

Neve and Matthew began to chat with the man as they waited for police to arrive at a nearby McDonald’s.  ‘We chatted with the gentleman for a while and he told us that bike was his only means of transportation.  ‘He rides it about 100 miles a week.’

As Matthew listened to the stranger’s story, he knew he wanted to help. ‘I felt really, really, really bad, and I knew he couldn’t get home,’ Matthew said.

‘So I thought to myself, “What should I do?” I decided to get all my gift cards that I had, and give them to him’  Matthew used $137 of his birthday money so that his mom could order the man a new bike.

Neve said the man was ‘a little in shock’ at first by the kind gesture, even offering to pay off the bike by doing handiwork around the house.   But Neve refused and said the man was ‘so grateful’ for her son’s gift.

‘It’s always good to help people,’ Matthew added.

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