Army National Guard Best Warrior Competition Wraps Up Today at Elmendorf-Richardson

Today competition ends for Fourteen Army National Guard Soldiers from all over the country at the 2023 Army National Guard Best Warrior Competition. The competition is being hosted right here by the Alaska Army National Guard.

This event is all about showcasing the Guard’s commitment to excellence and giving recognition to the absolute best Soldiers in the nation. These competitors have gone through some intense selection processes at the brigade and regional levels, and now they’re here representing their states on the national stage.

During the competition, these Soldiers are being put through the wringer by some seriously knowledgeable leaders who are experts in their fields. They’re being evaluated on a whole bunch of military skills tests, like physical fitness, weapons knowledge, marksmanship, land navigation, general military knowledge, and combat water survival. It’s no joke!

Staff Sgt. Luis Santos, a noncommissioned officer from the 2nd Battalion, 377th Parachute Field Artillery Regiment and a call for fire instructor, summed it up pretty well: “The Best Warrior Competition is the most effective way to test individual and unit readiness.” By facing various challenges and missions, these Soldiers are honing their skills and proving they have what it takes to be lethal and effective in the United States Army. It’s all about getting back to the basics and understanding what it means to be a true Soldier.

Exciting stuff, right? Here’s a list of the competitors from the seven different regions of the US….

Region I

  • Spc. Zakary Toothaker, Maine
  • Staff Sgt. Conrad Sheldon, Connecticut

Region II

  • Spc. Bret Williams, West Virginia
  • Staff Sgt. Daniel Abbott, Virginia

Region III

  • Spc. Jackson Jacobs, Tennessee
  • Sgt. Quentin Holden, Georgia

Region IV

  • Spc. John Shields, Iowa
  • Staff Sgt. Leo Kerfeld, Minnesota

Region V

  • Spc. Hunter Gammon, Montana
  • Sgt. Danny Tucker, Montana

Region VI

  • Spc. Luke Harrison, Wyoming
  • Sgt. Bailey Ruff, South Dakota

Region VII

  • Spc. Quinn Mears, Hawaii
  • Sgt. Cooper Hulse, Hawaii