Car Dashboard Warnings That Are Not That helpful, According To Lefty

I get it.  Technology has evolved and we now drive smarter cars and they come with helpful messages and warnings.  I just wish I could adjust the “dummy knob” and increase the car’s  IQ.  For example, If you touch the radio or the map button, This giant paragraph pops up warning you not to take your eyes off the road.  In the time it took me to read it the first time, I drove 5 blocks.

My other favorite message, is the one that shows up when you shut off the engine.  “Remember to check for children in the back seat”.  What?  Who’s kids?  How did they get there?  My kids are grown and gone.  And by the way, I never had a time when I forgot I was driving with my kids in the back.  If it wasn’t the constant kicking my back or telling me the other one is picking his nose, it was the crying and screaming.  Where’s the pop up message that reads, “Get control of your kids”?

The one I hate the most is when I start my car and it tells me to be aware that ice may be present.  Really?  it’s -15 degrees.  My truck is a giant rolling igloo.  Oh, believe me…ice is present.

It would be cool if the messages could be more like my mom.

Did you forget your phone?   Did you lock the door?   Did you bring your lunch?  Take your meds?  Are you wearing clean underwear?

Much better.



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