Dierks Bentley Crashes While Snow Biking

DIERKS BENTLEY recently experienced something many Alaskans (myself included) have shared:  what happens when you try to record a video while biking in the snow!

SPOILER ALERT:  Gravity was not Dierks’ friend but the snow was in this case.  It seemed to pad his fall so nothing was hurt except maybe his pride.

Here’s the link for the vid he posted on Instagram.  WARNING: there’s a brief bit of adult language in the moment, but it’s  not too bad.

That’s a pretty sweet fat tire bike!  And Dierks was smartly dressed in a helmet and goggles.  Good for him.  I think his next piece of gear ought to be a helmet mounted GoPro though– so Dierks can keep his hands on the handlebars.  Just a suggestion from this old biker.


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