(NEW YORK) — Lots of kids have a lovey, toy or blanket that’s really important to them.

But for a child with a disability, these objects are quite literally irreplaceable.

Such is the case for Tristan Lee, a 10-year-old boy from central Indiana. He has a blanket that he’s bonded with, and it’s the only one he will use.

“Summer or winter, and it’s a cape too,” his mom, Alicia Lee, told Good Morning America. “He’s comforted by it and it helps calm him.”

But the beloved blanket is showing major signs of wear and tear. So Lee took to Twitter to see if anyone out there might have the same blanket before it falls apart completely.

Okay Twitter, I need some help. I have a little guy who is obssesed with his blanket. Yes, he is older..he is also disabled. I have searched ebay for years, with no luck. So, help? It is a plush throw originally sold at Kohls (almost positive).

“When I say he won’t use another blanket, it means he would be cold without it,” Lee told GMA. It’s not just a lovey. And while I can currently keep sewing up rips and holes, one day that might not be possible.”

Lee is almost positive she purchased the blanket at Kohl’s about six years ago and it is from a company called Big One Throw.

She’s in touch with the company and they, as well as others, have offered to send similar alternatives.

“People are so kind and have offered a lot of alternatives. We have over two dozen throws we’ve tried over the years. I have made him blankets,” Lee said.

But Tristan, she said, needs this exact blanket.

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