Don’t Throw Things At Kelsea Ballerini When She’s Singing!
CNN — 

Kelsea Ballerini can now be added to the list of artists to fall victim to unruly concertgoers flinging objects on stage during a show, following a string of similar recent incidents.

The country artist was struck in the face by an object that was thrown at her on Wednesday during a performance in Idaho, as seen in social media videos.

The footage posted by concertgoers on Wednesday evening showed Ballerini flinching mid-song when the flung object hit her in the head. She subsequently paused the song and stepped offstage.

“I’m fine,” the singer said Thursday in a statement posted to her Instagram Stories, adding, “someone threw a bracelet, hit me in the eye, and it more so just scared me than hurt me.”

Ballerini continued, “We all have triggers and layers of fears way deeper than what is shown, and that’s why I walked offstage to calm down and make sure myself, band and crew, and the crowd all felt safe to continue.”

On Thursday morning, Ballerini also posted photos from the concert to her Instagram page, urging her followers in the caption to “do a better job of keeping each other safe at shows.”

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