Facebook Goes Down & Must Announce it on Twitter

File this under “OUCH!  That’s gotta hurt.:

 Today I thought I was having trouble logging in to check my Bear Blitz Football Picks, which I do via Facebook.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t via at all because Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp had suffered (and at the time of this post, are STILL suffering) outages.

All three sites had to make the announcement on their competitor site, Twitter (there’s the ‘OUCH’ part). In a statement Facebook wrote, we’re aware that some people are having trouble accessing our apps and products.

Twitter had fun at the expense of the three Mark Zuckerberg apps creating memes showing people running back to Twitter in droves.  Twitter wrote, hello literally everyone.

Another person wrote, today is the day that all of us who kept their blogs running are once again the rulers of the internet. Welcome back my children.

For me here in Anchorage, I cannot log in on from a PC at all.  In Instagram  and Facebook Apps show up, but won’t refresh– so what was on them  before the crash is all I got.

Hey Facebook, don’t feel so bad.  I’ve been off the air for a while too.  I eventually came back– 10 months later.  If I can do it, you can too!