A friend of mine told me about HQ Trivia.  So, I decided to try it.  Now, I’m totally addicted.  It’s a free app for iPhone or Android.  It cost nothing to play, and they give out real money.  The game is scheduled to play at 5pm Alaska time Monday through Friday.  Other games are scheduled at various times on the weekend.  You play 12 multiple choice trivia questions with over a million other players.  The questions get harder as you go.  It’s fun to watch the million players get whittled   down to just a handful.  The ones that last all 12 questions get a equal share of the jackpot.  Usually the pot is $5,000.  But, they throw in extra games with a jackpot of $25,000 or more!  You can earn extra lives if you get your friends to sign up with your user code.

You have to try it!  You never know, you could win!

Here’s a link to get the game:

 Click here for iPhone

Click here for Android

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