Country Music Hall of Fame and Grand Ole Opry member Roy Clark died today at age 85 at his home in Tulsa, due to complications from pneumonia.

Since he was 14, Clark has been performing and was one of the first artists to land singles on both the pop and country charts. Roy played the guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, harmonica, and many other instruments.

Clark was the host of a country music variety show called “Hee Haw” which ran for 24 years, making it one of the longest syndicated television shows in history. He often had musical guests on the show including Johnny Cash, Garth Brooks, and Loretta Lynn.

Clark is survived by his wife of 61 years, Barbara, and his 5 children.

Roy has lived in Tulsa since 1974 and TMZ reports there will be a memorial to honor the singer there in the coming days. RIP