The Nazis were the first to employ Daylight Saving Time (evidence of its evilness!), and “springing forward” has plagued America since it was implemented here in the 70s.

Of course, no one minds “falling back” in November, but losing an hour in March has been attributed to an increase in heart attacksauto accidents, and disrupted sleep patterns for a week.

This time change wants to murder your family. 

Observing Dawson Standard Time is easy and you’ll feel infinitely smarter than your friends the following Monday as they all complain about how “off” they feel after the time change.  Dawson Standard Time gives you 72 hours to adjust.

Here’s how it works:

*Friday morning, prior to leaving for work, set all your home clocks forward an hour.

(Microwave, stove, any wall clocks, bedside alarm, hourglass, and your vehicle.)

*Turn off the automatic time setting on computers and cell phones.

*Once you’re at work, set all clocks forward an hour, including your cell phone.

*Stay “an hour later” at work by your phone clock, even though it’ll be the same length of work day.

*Show up one hour late for any appointments you have before Saturday night.

(You’ll still be on time by their clocks.)

That’s it.  Now, rather than the 10-12 hours most people give themselves to adjust to the time change, you’ve had 72 hours.  Usually, by the end of Saturday (before most people even set back their clocks), you’re already accustomed to the new time.


There is a glitch in the Apple iphone system that actually makes this feel like you’re getting to FALL BACK and gain an hour, rather than lose an hour. Click Here for more.

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