iPhone survives a fall from 16,000 feet…in Airplane Mode!

Ever wondered what goes down in those official smartphone drop tests that leave the poor devices shattered after a measly 6-foot fall? Well, buckle up for a wild story that involves a Boeing 737 Max 9 jet, a rapid depressurization, and an iPhone that defied gravity!

So, picture this: a flight with Alaska Airlines, a sudden emergency exit door plug mishap, and bam! The plane starts depressurizing. Amidst the chaos, one brave iPhone decided to take a leap of faith – or rather, a 16,000-foot free fall.

Enter Seanathan Bates, our unsuspecting hero, who stumbles upon the fallen iPhone on the ground. And guess what? It’s not just intact; it’s perfectly intact! This gadget survived the mother of all drops with half its battery life intact, chilling in airplane mode. It was open on the screen with a baggage receipt for the flight? Talk about living life on the edge.

But wait, there’s more! The end of the charging cable (just the end, mind you) was still snug in the phone’s charging port. The rest of the cable? Well, it met its untimely demise when the cabin depressurized. Bates, being the responsible citizen he is, reported this surreal find to the National Transportation Safety Board.

And here’s the kicker – turns out, this wasn’t the only iPhone to make a great escape from the plummeting plane. The NTSB revealed it was the second one found! But the real treasure hunt was on for the door plug, which ended up in someone’s backyard. Now, that’s a plot twist worthy of a blockbuster.

Thankfully, no one – neither in the plane nor on the ground – was hurt during this high-altitude escapade. However, the Federal Aviation Administration wasn’t taking any chances. They promptly ordered all airlines operating Boeing 737 Max 9 jets with these door plugs to hit the brakes until further notice. An investigation is underway, and we’re eagerly waiting to see how this sky-high mystery unfolds.

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