Sony Music NashvilleKane Brown admits his self-titled debut album was so unexpectedly successful, he found the prospect of making his second record daunting.

But instead of being intimidated, he decided to take some chances.

“There’s not one song that sounds the same,” he tells ABC Radio. “I called it Experiment, just because I was experimenting with a bunch of different instruments, and I was just all over place with it. So it’s really just me, and me trying to have fun.”

One of the songs on the album, “Short Skirt Weather,” is a throwback to Kane’s beginnings.

“I wanted it to sound kind of nineties country…” he explains. “The first song I ever knew was ‘I Like It, I Love It’ by Tim McGraw, and that was the feel I was going for. And Dan Huff, the producer, played on that song, so he already knew how it sounded, and to me he killed it.”

Initially, Kane wasn’t sure the song’s title was for him.

“I had a writer that said he wanted to write a song called ‘Short Skirt Weather.’ At first, I didn’t like it,” he admits, “so we just started messing around and we just had fun with it. We had a bunch of different things that we were saying in there that’s now behind-the-scenes jokes. And it was just a fun song to write.”  

Kane Brown’s Experiment is available now.

In an incredibly powerful performance, Kane also performed “Homesick” before the Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Carolina Panthers in Pennsylvania Thursday night. Watch as Kane sings for 80 returning soldiers as part of the pre-game festivities at Heinz Field. The Army’s Golden Knights also parachute in during the performance.