ABC/Image Group LAKeith Urban knows all too well what many people in California are going through as the wildfires engulf the state. While at school as a child, his home burnt down.

“When I was 10, our house burned down, so I know that feeling of losing your house,” he told Extra TV ahead of the CMA Awards on Wednesday. “We completely lost everything. Luckily, we were all okay.”

Keith admits that he will never forget the feeling of walking through his charred house while looking at all his former belongings.

“When you are walking through the house and it’s charred, black as black everywhere you look, water’s dripping and the firefighters have left, I remember thinking, ‘I was just in here getting ready for school.’ It gives me chills. So I know that feeling,” he admits.

He adds: “But what I remember was the community coming together in such an incredible way. And not just the Goodwills and the Salvation Armys and the Red Crosses, which also came to our aid, but also the community with clothing and food and shelter and a place to stay — unbelievable. And you’re seeing it out in California. right now. It’s really amazing.”

The CMA Entertainer of the Year has a friend in California who has personally been affected by the wildfires and the singer says he’s helping that friend get back on their feet.

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