Most of the KFC in the U.K. have closed their doors.  Why?  They have ran out of chicken!  Police have been getting complaint calls on the 911 system.

The Metropolitan Police Tweeted,  “For those who contacted the Police about KFC being out of chicken … please STOP. Their website says the Prestwich store is now open if you want to follow the four police cars through the drive thru ..”

The problem has to do with the warehouse and shipping company.  The chicken is going bad while delivery trucks aren’t delivering fast enough.

Some of the KFC restaurants are slowly getting deliveries and they hope in the next week most of the locations will be open

In other news, most of the McDonald’s in the U.K. are closing early because they are running out of meat!  True story!  You can’t make this stuff up!

Maybe everyone should go to the grocery store and eat at home.  Just a thought.

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