Ladies….Your Man’s “Honey Do” List May Injure Him

Hey ladies, you might want to think ahead before giving your man a list of “honey-do’s” to do around the house. Men’s Health magazine compiled a list on how men get hurt around the house. It’s fairly surprise how klutzy guys can get.

• Mr. Honey-Do — 98,682 men a year injured using hand tools. 84,639 injured using power saws. 31,926 injured using drills or other power tools.

• Climbing the ladder — 126,065 hurt falling from ladders or stools.

• The Green Giant — 55,932 injured by lawn mowers. 7,936 injured using trimmers or other power garden tools.

• Top Chef wannabes — 35,450 injured at ranges or by small appliances.

• Cleaning — 32,445 injured using cleaning agents and cleaning equipment.

• In the garden — 27,336 injured using shovels, rakes, and other garden tools.

• Clearing brush, cutting firewood — 27,007 injured using chain saws.

• Doing laundry — 10,543 injured using washers or dryers.

• Tending the fire — 12,121 injured around fireplaces or chimneys.

• Ironing clothes — 7,878 hurt using irons.