Lefty’s Corner:  Trump wins At Dog Show, Self Lacing Shoes, And The New Top Gun Movie!

Closer Weekly Magazine claims the cast of “Top Gun: Maverick” is in great shape because of Tom Cruise. A source tells the magazine; “Tom is a workout freak who gets up before dawn and hits the gym for two or three hours. He’s the motivation behind his costars’ beefed up workouts. He’s got his handpicked cast [Glen Powell, Miles Teller and even Jennifer Connelly] doing marathon and triathlon-style routines even on days when they’re not working. Tom has them running up to 12 miles and lifting weights and dropping down to do 200 push-ups.

Nike’s Self-Lacing Sneakers Arrive Sunday: NBC says Nike’s new self-lacing shoes will hit store shelves on Sunday. The Back to the Future-like sneakers were tested by being soaked in water overnight, sprayed with water cannons, hammered and placed in extreme weather conditions. They still self-laced after the abuse. The $350 shoes are expected to sell out within days. People have begun camping out for the shoes.

Time Magazine claims an Australian Shepherd, named Trump, won best of his breed yesterday at the 2019 Westminster Dog Show. The dog was born in 2012 and was not named after Donald.

Trump’s owner, Pat Zapf, tells the magazine; “The dog doesn’t know that his name is a controversial topic. He doesn’t care at all. He wants his pets and cookies. He’ll even have his absolute favorite treat, marshmallows. Trump has a sweet tooth.”