The new music video for Brett Eldredge‘s “Love Someone” is shot from the perspective of his beloved dog, Edgar. The sweet clip, appropriately titled “The Edgar Cut,” shows what the pooch’s life is like with his country star master.

The video kicks off with the two relaxing on a couch together as Edgar begins to doze off. His vivid daydream includes him and Brett enjoying a lazy day by the river, playing ball in the park and later spending time together at a candlelit steak dinner for two.

But in the midst of his daydream, Brett finds himself a girlfriend at the dog park and poor Edgar’s coveted spot beside his buddy on the couch is taken. Thankfully, it’s just a dream. Edgar soon wakes to find his owner calling him into the house for a new adventure.

The clip closes with real-life footage of a young Edgar soon after Brett adopts him as a puppy. The bond is instantaneous and Edgar should rest easy: No one will ever replace him!

We also included the Official Video for “Love Someone” without Edgar.   But honestly, we prefer the Edgar version!









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