ABC/Randy HolmesLuke Combs collects the fourth #1 of his career this week, as “She Got the Best of Me” ascends to the top of Billboard‘s Country Airplay chart.

The North Carolina native’s overwhelming success started with a very devoted group of fans who came to see him play the bars in his home state. Luke says lots of those folks are still coming out to see him today.

“I know a lot of ’em,” he explains, “and a lot of ’em have been people that I went to college with, or people that I went to high school with. And they’ve kinda formed their own community around coming to shows and meetin’ up with each other.”

A couple of those die-hard fans even tied the knot.

“I had some folks that have ended up getting married…” Luke continues. “So it’s pretty wild to kind of see that materialize over the last couple of years.”  

Luke launches his Beer Never Broke My Heart headlining tour next year at the end of January in Birmingham, Alabama.

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