Luke Combs Turns Down $5,000 From A Banker Who Wanted To Meet Him

Luke Combs loves his fans.  His fan club is free to be a part of.  Before each meet and greet at his shows, the club randomly select the fans who get in.  Luke says he remembers when he was young, he barely had the money to buy a concert ticket and could not afford to pay to get in to a VIP meet & greet.  He told Billboard Magazine, “I just want to meet people who came to the show, whether it’s their first show or their 50th show. It’s like people who would have never gotten the chance to meet me or could never have afforded it. Because I couldn’t have afforded that growing up.”

So when a a rich banker who offered $5,000 to have a meeting time with Luke, he was turned down.

“I’ve always just felt really weird about, like, charging people to meet me. Maybe that’s just me feeling like, ‘Well, it’s not worth it.”

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