On the heels of the eighth number-one single of his career, “Homemade,” Jake Owen has announced that the next song he’s planning to send to country radio is “Made for You.”

A romantic ballad professing eternal love and dedication, “Made for You” comes off of Jake’s newest album, Greetings From…Jake. He’s already seen the song’s power in action: Last year, he performed it at Carly Pearce and Michael Ray’s wedding at the star couple’s request.

Though he joked about becoming a wedding singer at the time, Jake admitted that showcasing the song during such an important moment in his friends’ lives meant a lot.

“As funny as that is, it really is a true testament to…I mean, the fact that I’m going to be singing it at two singers’ wedding with a song that honestly means something to them,” he explained to Billboard. “This is a powerful song about life and love.”

The singer broke the news over social media that “Made for You” would be his next single.

“This song has been so special to me and many others,” he wrote. “I’m excited to finally hear it on the radio.”

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