LEWISTON, Maine (AP) – A Maine man who faces extradition to Alaska after his arrest in a 26-year-old cold case is due to make his first appearance in court.

Court officials say 44-year-old Steven Downs, of Auburn, is scheduled to be in district court in Lewiston at 1 p.m. Tuesday. Alaska State Troopers have said Downs was arrested in his hometown on Feb. 15 on murder and sexual assault charges related to the 1993 death of Sophie Sergie.

Tuesday’s appearance is expected to begin the process of extraditing Downs to Alaska for trial. He will have the ability to contest extradition at the appearance.

The 20-year-old Sergie’s body was found in a dorm bathtub at University of Alaska Fairbanks. Downs has told investigators he recalled Sergie’s murder, but never met her.