A 78-year-old man in Massachusetts asked for help from the media to track down the woman who saved his life at a Rolling Stones concert a few weeks ago. Tony Palladino and his wife were waiting for the show to start May 30th when he suffered cardiac arrest.

He lost consciousness in his third-row seat while the song ‘Start Me Up’ was playing during introductory music, and that’s when his angel went to work.  He ended up needing double bypass surgery at Mass General Hospital six days later. “One artery was 99 percent closed, and the other was 70 percent,” he explained. “The doctor said because she acted so expeditiously that my heart is in really good shape.”


Thanks to a local news story about it, he was able to find not only the first nurse to help but all the others who helped too! Linda Zaloudek is a labor and delivery nurse and has been for 39 years…she was at the concert with 8 other nurse friends. She was the first to start CPR, then dialysis nurse Marion Stanton took over compressions, followed by a police officer working detail at the show. Then first responders showed up with defibrillator paddles.  Several other officers and firefighters were recognized for their actions too!