Maybe You Should Delay That Diet:  Girl Scout Cookies Are Back With A New Flavor!

Making lemons out of lemonade in their quest for the perfect citrus cookie, the Girl Scouts have released a sweet new offering on their 2020 menu: Lemon-Ups.

The Scouts began selling the crispy lemon cookie “baked with inspiring messages to lift your spirits.” As inspired by the Scouts’ entrepreneurial values, the cookies are stamped with phrases like “I am a go-getter,” “I am a leader,” and “I am an innovator,”

The Lemon-Ups cookies, which are available in select markets, will be replacing Savannah Smiles, a lemony cookie which debuted in 2012, Thrillist reports. The Savannah Smiles were preceded by the Lemon Chalet Cremes, which left the lineup in 2010.

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