Michael Ray is teaming with Zappos for Good to launch a custom designed “Wrigley Cares Limited-Edition Puma Classic Suede” sneaker.

Wrigley Cares is a charitable foundation that Michael started in 2017 as he was gearing up for his Get To You Tour.

“I adopted Wrigley, my puppy, randomly at a show in Chicago. I’m a big cubs fan, a big fan of the city, and the idea honestly came from fans. Wrigley stays with me all the time, she’s always out with me. People started bringing toys in, but they were bringing in big birthday bags full of toys, there’d be 20, 30 toys in each one, or food or whatever may be,” Michael told One Country. “We were getting that five times a week, it adds up to 50, 60, 70 toys. When we were planning the Get to You Tour, I wanted to figure out a way to give back, and also raise awareness. Wrigley came into my life at a crucial time for me, and really helped me through some hard times. I thought man, if the fans are going to bring this much for her, how do we combine this and make something that we can give back to the animal shelters of every city that we stop at on the Get to You Tour.”

Zappos for Good, who teamed with Michael to create Wrigley Cares.

“We were able to feed over 200,000 meals so far, and we’re going to keep it going. It’s expanded so much and there’s so many great things that we’re able to reach now, and opportunities that we’ll be announcing as the years go on, that have come to us because of the fans bringing so much awareness and attention to Wrigley Cares,” Michael added. “It all started with the fans and the random adoption of a husky shepherd in Chicago.”

One of those opportunities is Michael’s newly launched custom-designed Puma sneaker.

“Zappos for Good has been such an incredible organization to work with on this project,” said Michael. “Not only have they given us the opportunity and the platform to promote a cause I’m so passionate about, but to be able to design a custom sneaker to benefit Wrigley Cares was amazing. They really do look at giving from a unique standpoint that provides value to the fans and the causes they’re passionate about.”

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