(Associated Press) Tom Cotter says he’ll leave the dents in his rare vintage car for a while to relish the Alaska vacation story behind it. It’s not every day that a pricey collector’s item is damaged by a bear breaking into the vehicle to steal cookies.

Cotter tells The Associated Press he’ll hold onto the experience because “it’s bar room talk.”

Cotter’s red 1965 289 Shelby Cobra sustained major damage to the vinyl roof and dents on the body when the bear broke into it last week at Alyeska Ski Resort, south of Anchorage. Fellow traveler, Woody Woodruff of Charlotte, North Carolina, had left a package of Fig Newtons in the car, and the cookies were missing after the breakin.

Cotter was leaving Alaska Monday after he toured the state for two weeks in his Cobra and several other car collectors, including Woodruff.

Cotter says he expects his insurance to cover the damages.

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