Most US Airlines Cancelling Food & Beverage Service On Flights (COVID-19)

Let’s face it…nobody should be flying anywhere these days.  Most cities require a 14 day quarantine when you get there and another 2 weeks when you get back.  There is also a huge risk travelling in a closed space with people who might be sick.  However, according to Apple News, if you have to travel be aware that most airlines have cancelled most food & beverage service.  That’s right!  No alcohol…no ice!  Below is a list of airlines and what they are doing and not doing.


  • No snacks, meals, or drinks on all flights


  • No snacks, meals, or drinks on flights 250 or shorter
  • snacks, water, canned drinks, and juice on anything longer. No hot drinks, no booze.


  • suspending food service on all flights shorter than 2,200 miles or 4 ½ hours, no matter the cabin class, and offering only a handful of drinks “on request” including water, canned drinks, and juice.
  • For longer flights, alcohol is being restricted to first class unless you’re flying international, and food and snacks are a no-go.
  • For super long-haul international flights, there’ll be one meal offered, but even in first class, this’ll be single-course tray service.


  • still offering two snacks on all flights, but drink options are limited to bottled water — no ice — in all cabins.
  • Flights longer than 900 miles will still offer a meal, but it will be something pre-packaged, and no fancy porcelain dishware or glass champagne flutes, either. It’s disposable plastics only.


  • a single water and snack service each flight, nothing more.

In short, unpack, cancel your flight and stay home until all this is over.


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