Nabisco’s Oreo-powered music box is back and better than ever. This time, the brand behind milk’s favorite cookie has created a DJ turntable that can “play” up to three Oreo cookies at a time, according to Elite Daily. The brand’s latest innovation, which was released on Thursday, has already created a buzz on social media as people try to figure out how the product really works.

“The DJ Mixer by OREO turns any standard Oreo sandwich cookie into a musical device you can enjoy over and over again. Just place your OREO cookies on the DJ Mixer turntables to have some fun and mix up the music. Mix over 200 song combinations as you bite,” the product description reads.

The most intriguing part about the creation for many people is that an Oreo can not only power the turntable enough to play one song but several. Place the cookie on the turntable and listen to the music. Then, take a bite out of the cookie and put it back on the box. An entirely different tune will play! Couple that with the fact that each of the three turntables will play different melodies, and consumers have 200 song combinations.

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