Playing KBEAR’s Pro Football Challenge….And I’ve Been Doing It Wrong

Lefty’s Blog:

The Football season is in full gear and KBEAR has brought back the Pro Football Challenge.  All you have to do is pick the team you think is going to win the game.  At the end of the week, if you have the most wins you win $50.  Just for fun, I’ve been playing along, (disclaimer:  as a employee of KBEAR I cannot win).

I have been doing it wrong.

Each week, I have have picked the team I WANT TO SEE WIN.  Or, I picked the team that has the coolest helmet.  This philosophy has put me in last place among everyone playing.  So, I want to help you do better than me.   Check out this website that shows the current standings of all the teams.   You’ll see that there are some teams that are doing way better than others.  This week I’m going to go with the winners.  I’ll let you know how I do!

Here’s where you you need to go so you can play!  Click HERE!

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