ABC/Mark LevineYou’d probably never guess from listening to it, but Maren Morris originally envisioned her bouncy, upbeat hit “Rich” as a sad song.

“‘Rich’ initially was intended to be sort of a heartbreaking moment on the record,” she explains. “And I feel, you know, the day we wrote it, it was gonna be a really sad song: If I had a dime every time you’ve ripped my heart out, I would be rich.”

Instead, things took a decidedly different direction.

“I don’t know,” Maren continues. “It was just so catchy and clever that we had to make it really fun and funky.”

“So that was a really fun write that day,” she adds, “because it’s like you never know where the song is gonna end up until you’re there. But it’s one of my favorite moments on the record.”

“Rich” is Maren’s fourth consecutive top ten hit in a row, following her number one, “I Could Use a Love Song.”

Maren’s next release is expected to be the lead single from her forthcoming sophomore album.

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