Of course we love bear stories. We’re KBEAR after all.  Well, I read about this for today’s Warm & Fuzzy Story at 1:45 and wanted to also share it online because this one really got to me.

The people of Milwaukee’s Mitchel Airport are doing it right! They recognized that this lost teddy bear below wasn’t just another toy. It’s a special type of bear given to kids with heart defects or Congenital Heart Disease (CHD). You’ll notice that this teddy bear has a heart on its chest but part of it is missing, but it’s still smiling.

Well, MM Airport FOUND the owner and is working on getting this special bear reunited with its special kid. Here’s the Tweet.

I love its little carryon bag.  If you want to learn more about these special teddy bears, just google “Heart Warrior Bears.’  You’ll see so many cute designs to help kids with CHD be brave.  ~Brian