Spooky Season Makeover: Trendy Halloween Costume Ideas for 2023

It’s that time of year again when Halloween takes center stage, and we all get a chance to embrace the spooky, whimsical, and creative sides of ourselves. While ghosts and vampires have been traditional Halloween favorites, this year, you might notice some fresh and unexpected costume choices. Google Trends’ Frightgeist reveals that Barbie, Spider-Man, and Wednesday Addams are among the top-searched Halloween costume ideas in the US for 2023. If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect costume, fear not! CNN is here to help with five topical, yet popular, Halloween costume ideas that are sure to turn heads.

1. Barbie:

  • With the recent release of the “Barbie” movie, the iconic doll is poised to be a star at your local Halloween gatherings. But how can you stand out from the sea of pink dresses and blonde wigs?
  • Instead of going for the classic Barbie look, consider a fresh twist. For example, Kate McKinnon’s “Weird Barbie” with her messy hair and colorful outfit is a topical yet less common choice.
  • There’s also a treasure trove of Kens to choose from, like Ryan Gosling in a fringed leather vest or Ncuti Gatwa in colorful workout gear.
  • If you’re set on a stereotypical Barbie, try recreating a specific scene, like Margot Robbie’s neon pink roller skating outfit or her vintage black and white swimsuit.
  • For a deep-cut reference, you could even dress up as a character from the “Barbie” movie or subvert expectations by going as director Greta Gerwig during Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” tour.

2. Oppenheimer:

  • After the “Barbenheimer” summer takeover, dressing up as Oppenheimer, the man who created the atomic bomb, may be a simple yet terrifying choice. Think suit jacket, tie, and top hat.
  • Alternatively, you can go for “Barbenheimer,” a mashup of Barbie and Oppenheimer. How you blend these two characters is entirely up to your creativity, perhaps a pink suit with a pink top hat or a classic Barbie costume paired with a brooding look and a pipe.

3. Spider-Man:

  • While the classic superhero falls to the third most-searched Halloween costume this year (down from its No. 2 spot last year), the success of “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” provides a plethora of fresh options.
  • Rather than the usual Spider-Man, explore the multiverse for inspiration.
  • Consider dressing up as Spider-Punk from the film for a unique and cool look.
  • Dad Peter Parker, with his memorable appearance in a pink bathrobe with a baby strapped to his chest, is a comfortable, low-effort choice that’s sure to get a few laughs.

4. Wednesday Addams:

  • Netflix’s “Wednesday,” a spin-off of “The Addams Family,” has brought Wednesday Addams back into the Halloween limelight as the sixth most-searched costume for 2023.
  • Pay homage to her iconic twin braids and perpetually angry glare and stand out from the crowd.

5. Bear:

  • Bear costumes, in various forms, make the top 20 most-searched Halloween costumes this year.
  • The joy of this costume lies in its flexibility. You could go as a defensive mama bear, like 128 Grazer, the Fat Bear Week champion for the year.
  • Alternatively, you could try to embody a Malayan sun bear, a species so human-like that people mistook them for humans in bear costumes.
  • There’s also the pop culture route with characters from “The Bear,” an FX show about a Chicago restaurant. With an apron and bear ears, you could even become a bear from “The Bear.” Remember, it’s Halloween, and there are no rules!

With these trendy and unexpected costume ideas, you’re sure to make a memorable entrance at your Halloween gatherings this year. Whether you’re embracing the classics or adding a modern twist, the most important thing is to have fun and let your creativity shine. Happy Halloween!

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