Step Aside Guys With Your “Movember”…The Ladies Have “Januhairy”

Men have “Movember,” where they grow out their facial hair to raise money and awareness for men’s health issues, and now ladies have “Januhairy,” a reason to skip shaving and grow their body hair with pride, and raise money for charities.

This month, girls and women globally will be ditching their razors and embracing body hair in the name of Janu-hairy. The campaign was founded by 21-year-old student inspired by her decision to grow out her body hair last year. The campaign and the women behind it are helping to change the beauty standards women can feel pressured to uphold, by encouraging other women to share photos on social media embracing their natural bodies in an attempt to normalize female body hair.

In a study conducted by Escentual in 2013, it was revealed that on average women spend 72 days of their lives shaving their legs. This is perfectly fine if your personal preference is to opt out of body hair, but are you giving up your valuable time to fit in with the social norm, or would rather embrace the fuzz?

Januhairy has already raised thousands of dollars for Body Matters, a charity dedicated to empowering each person to love their own body through arts and education. But the challenge to ditch the razor for a month and embrace a woman’s natural form has been met with negativity. “Disgusting”, “dirty”, and “revolting” were all words shared by social media users to describe Januhairy.


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