Strawberry Pop-Tarts Don’t Contain Enough Strawberry, Lawsuit Claim

It seems like some shoppers haves gotten toasty hot under the collar and are popping off about Strawberry Pop-Tarts…in court! How can something so sweet make people feel so sour?  Read on.

A new class-action lawsuit is claiming that Pop-Tarts are lacking in terms of filling.

The lawsuit says that Kellogg’s is misleading customers with its claims of strawberry filling. “…they give consumers the impression the fruit filling contains a greater relative and absolute amount of strawberries than it does,” the plaintiff claims. “To give consumers the false impression that the Product contains a greater absolute and relative amount of strawberries than it does, it contains red 40, a synthetic food coloring made from petroleum,” the suit alleges. “Red 40 makes the strawberry-pear-apple combination look bright red, like it is only strawberries or has more strawberries than it does.”

Multiple sources on the web and even Kellogg’s themselves have declared that Frosted Strawberry is their most popular brand of Pop-Tarts (as do my own humble taste buds! ~Brian)

What’s do you think?  Should Kellogg’s  improve their Pop-Tart filling’s strawberry content or should the company re-brand it?

Which Pop-Tart flavor is your favorite?

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