A 10-year-old nicknamed the “Doughnut Boy” stopped in Anchorage Thursday.

Florida native Tyler Carach is on a mission called “I DONUT need a reason to thank a cop.” Tyler plans to deliver the sweet treat to every police officer in the country.

Alaska is Tyler’s thirty-sixth state. He’s given out nearly 70,000 doughnuts.

It all started two years ago when he asked his mom if he could use his allowance to buy mini doughnuts for four deputies he saw in a store. He wanted to thank them for their service.

Tyler’s mom, Sheena Carach, said that when he asked to buy those first doughnuts, “It was a very proud moment as a parent. Just to know we’ve done our job raising him [to be] compassionate and kind.”

Carach said Tyler didn’t understand why the deputies were so happy about a snack until his mom explained, “It wasn’t the snack. It was just the fact that he took the time to say ‘thank you’ and appreciate them. And unfortunately, a lot of people today don’t necessarily do that.”

This made Tyler sad, and so he created his mission.

Tyler explained today that, “Police officers risk their lives every day for strangers, friends and family. And, so, if they risk their lives for people they don’t know, I felt like I should have thanked them.”

“It’s something that he’s passionate about. It’s something that he wants to do with his life,” Carach said. “This is a goal that he has and we feel like it is super important to back him up on that goal.

“We have two other children, and we’re the same way with them. So, basically, any idea they throw at us we try to accommodate if we can,” Carach said.

“People come into law enforcement because they have [the] desire to serve.” Anchorage Police Chief Justin Doll said. “That’s really the only reason that you can survive for any length of time in this job, so anytime anyone stops us and thanks us for what we are doing, it’s huge.”

Tyler wants to follow in the officer’s footsteps when he is old enough. He wants to be a K9 officer because he would be able to be an officer and have a dog.

A lot of the doughnuts for the mission are sponsored or sold to Tyler at a reduced rate.

The doughnuts for their current trip were mostly sponsored by the doughnut company Entenmann’s. They donated 3,600 for Tyler’s current two-week trip.

His family pays for doughnuts and travel expenses that a GoFundMe account doesn’t.

Tyler’s mission isn’t just limited to school breaks. He goes to a charter school that gives him his the work he misses, and his mom homeschools him while he is on the road.

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