Today, KBEAR salutes our veterans for their honorable service.
The Back 20 Veterans Day Special– 20 minutes of patriotic songs for troops.

Staff Sergeant Johnny Cash – Ragged Old Flag
US Air Force, 12th Radio Squadron Mobile
Enlisted in 1950.  Stationed in West Germany as a Morse Code operator, intercepting Soviet transmissions.
Honorably Discharged, 1954.

Toby Keith – Made In America

Aaaron Tippin – Where The Stars And Stripes and the Eagle Flies

John Michael Montgomery – Letters From Home

Toby Keith – American Soldier

Staff Sergeant Barry Saddler – The Ballad of the Green Berets
Barry Sadler began his military career in the US Air Force in 1958.  He reinlisted in 1961, switching services to the US Army, and he volunteered to be in the Special Forces.  He was a paratrooper and a medic who earned the Purple Heart when he was wounded by a punji stick in Vietnam.  He made a full recovery and was honorably discharged in 1967.  His most famous song became the theme to one of John Wayne’s most popular movies.