With no need to house a big engine under a long hood, electric pickup truck designers are getting creative with shapes. There’s Tesla’s wedge-shaped Cybertruck, and Amazon-backed Rivian is planning to put a trunk where the engine would normally go.

Now, another California-based electric vehicle startup, Canoo, has revealed a pickup truck with a “cab forward” design that places the driver almost directly over the front wheels.
Instead of a hood, the Canoo truck has a flat front like a van. That allows more room for cargo bed space without making the truck too large overall.
The Canoo truck is 184 inches long, or just a little longer than a Toyota Corolla. It is much shorter than the Tesla Cybertuck, but the bed, at six feet, is only six inches shorter. (The Cybertuck does seat more people, though.) The Canoo’s cargo bed also has an extension that can slide out, providing two additional feet of length.

The company has not announced pricing for the truck, but has said it hopes to begin delivering it to customers in 2023. Besides the Tesla Cybertruck, the Canoo truck may also face competition from other startups like Rivian, as well as from traditional automakers like Ford which plans to make an electric F-150 pickup

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