This Year Trick Or Treat In The Heat Is Going Virtual With A Photo Contest

From our friends at TOTITH:

Although a traditional Trick or Treat in the Heat this year will not be held due to COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to reach out to you to give a heads-up on something that we are coordinating with Make a Wish and Hospice of Anchorage – a virtual TOTITH on Facebook.  It will be a theme-based Halloween photo contest, where submitted photos can be new, or from past years.  The daily photo submission themes on the TOTITH Facebook page will be:


Monday, September 7:  Wheels Day.  Show us the creative ways you’ve decorated the stroller, wagon, or wheelchair your child trick or treated in to augment their costume. For example, if your child was a pirate, and you decorated their stroller as a pirate ship.


Tuesday, September 8:  Ensemble (2 or more people in coordinated costumes) Day.  Examples might be characters from the same TV show, movie, or cartoon.


Wednesday, September 9:  Animal Costumes.  Either kids dressed up as animals, or pets in costume.


Thursday, September 10:  Mythical Character Costumes.  Calling all princesses and superheroes, today is your day.


Friday, September 11:  Creative and Unique Costumes.  Show us how you created a one-off costume for the year that your child wanted to trick or treat as (a vending machine, for example).


Saturday, September 12:  Alaska-themed Costumes. Let’s face it, the rest of the country thinks we are…different!  Share some photos showing that Sourdough pride with a costume that reflects the uniqueness of Alaskan culture. If your costume includes such Alaskan staples as blue tarp, duct tape, Carhartt’s, moose nugget jewelry, antlers, or bunny boots; then you’re on the right track!


Sunday, September 13:  COVID Response-themed Costumes: In response to COVID turning our lives upside down for the past six months, finally here’s your chance to show us how you coped with COVID. Hoarded toilet paper, favorite first-responders, face masks, social distancing, outdoor-only restaurant dining, travel restrictions, Zoom calls, remote learning…the hardest part may be shortening the list down to which one(s) to feature in your costume!

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