TikTok About DoorDash Orders For NON-TIPPERS That Just Sit There

NON-TIPPERS have long been the scourge of servers in dining rooms.  Now, it looks like the tables are turning on non-tippers–because the servers are bringing food to their door and not the table.  Make that, they MIGHT bring the food or might not.

I saw this vid and it hit close to home with me. It shows what the TikTok’er claims is a restaurant section dedicated to delivery orders but they are sitting there because the people chose not to tip.

@jhordanthemodelWhat happens when you don’t tip your Doordash driver #fyp #greenscreen #doordash #doordashdriver #delieryservice #CowboyBebop♬ original sound – Jhordan The Model

I can relate to Jordan in this vid because in my 20’s, I delivered thousands of pizzas back in Indiana, and many times I drove through traffic to drop off a pizza, walking away without a tip. Not even change.

It’s interesting how DoorDash, Grubhub and other such sites have changed the business dynamic with their ‘independent contractor’ plan.  Not to mention, the drivers get to see how much the tip amount IN ADVANCE  via the app before they choose to accept the delivery.

Well, my mom was a waitress and she explained to me how servers earn their pay. I’m a huge fan of tipping at least 20%.  More if the service is exceptional.   I believe that whether the server wades through a dining room of people or through traffic in their car, they deserve that tip in my opinion– and drivers should also get a friendly ‘Thank you. Drive safe!” as they leave.