Tonight The Full Moon Will Be the Biggest of 2020 #SuperPinkMoon


The full moon of April, called the Pink Moon, will occur tonight at 10:35 p.m. EDT (0235 GMT on April 8), about 8 hours after reaching perigee, the nearest point from Earth in its orbit. This will create a “supermoon,” a full moon that appears slightly larger than average.

The smaller distance between Earth and the full moon makes the supermoon appear about 7% larger than the average full moon and 14% larger than a full moon at apogee, or its farthest distance from Earth — also known as a “minimoon.” A supermoon also appears up to 30% brighter than a full moon at apogee.

Skywatchers in the U.S. can see the “Super Pink Moon” rise into the evening sky as the sun sets on Tuesday.

Let’s hope the clouds are clear tonight!

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