Trick Or Treat In The Heat Is Sunday September 10th



Trick or Treat in the Heat (TOTITH) is a neighborhood-wide early Halloween celebration.  Anyone who has experienced Trick or Treat with late October Alaskan weather knows what a borderline miserable experience it can be for our kids here (and their parents)!   By holding it in early September, the kids get to wear their costumes without cold weather gear.

It started in 2005 as an impromptu block event to allow a terminally-ill five year old to experience one last Trick or Treat before he died.  However, all participants had so much fun that it is now a highly-anticipated neighborhood-wide party and charity fundraiser.


How to Participate

Wristbands are sold for $15 apiece before the event, which serve as the child’s admission ticket (note, adults do not require wristbands unless they are collecting candy too!)  100% of the proceeds from these wristbands are donated to three charities:  Hospice of Anchorage, Make A Wish of Alaska & Washington, and the Ronald McDonald House.  (volunteers absorb any operating costs).  We also accept additional donations on behalf of the charities before and during the event.  In order to avoid overwhelming the host neighborhoods, the number of wristbands is limited, so purchase yours beforehand in order to guarantee a slot for your child. We often sell out of wristbands before the event, so PLEASE don’t wait until the last minute to get yours!

Where Is It?

There are neighborhoods all over Anchorage, Eagle River, and the Matsu.   Just go to to find a neighborhood near you.  Once the wristband is purchased, you can pick them up at participating Spirit Halloween stores.

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