My wife and I don’t fight.  Sure, we might get into heated discussions about our adult children.  And once in awhile we get into stupid disagreements about what band sings a certain song, what direction does the silverware go into the dishwasher, etc.  The other night we were watching tv.  A commercial came on for Marshalls/TJ Maxx.  This commercial plays constantly and I’m sick of it.  So after seeing it 100 times, I asked her, “Hey honey, who is the guy singing in the commercial?”  She said he was a nobody.  Just some unknown singer.  I disagreed.  He looks familiar.  He must be somebody famous.  We went back and fourth for 20 minutes.  That was it.  I will settle this argument like I have done for all of the arguments.    I pulled out my phone and went to Google.

It turns out that I was correct!  His name is Zachary Levi.  You might remember him in the movie Shazam! and tv shows like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.  She said he’s still a nobody to her because she has not seen the movie or the show!  I lose…..again.

This was a giant waste of time.  We don’t have a Marshalls or a TJ Maxx in Alaska!

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