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Lefty’s Blog 6/26/67

I had the pleasure of visiting with Brantley Gibert at a ST Jude Radio conference many years ago.  I asked him if he had time to do any site seeing when he did his concert at the Alaska Airlines Center.  He told me that he has made several trips up here to do some fishing and hunting.  KBEAR’s midday host Kathy Mitchell was doing a talk break a few days ago coming out of a Brantley song.  She said that he was up here with a film crew while he was hunting.

So I searched “Brantley Gilbert Alaska” in YouTube and found this episode of “Backwoods Life”.  The episode shows him hunting for Cariboo.  He ended up with a moose.  Here’s the episode.

Warning:  This video shows hunters shooting animals.  If that bothers you, don’t watch it.


Steve Franklin

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