Chris Janson talking about his song “Good Vibes”

“We went to [songwriter] Zach Crowell’s house — who’s a co-writer on the song — and we were not supposed to be writing that day. [We were with] Ashley Gorley, who’s a famous hit songwriter here in town, and we wrote “Fix a Drink” together, but we were not supposed to be writing together that day. We kind of all just piled at Zach’s house and did it impromptu.

And I remember everybody was just complaining about this and complaining about that, and I just said, “Okay, good vibes only.” And Zach, I remember, goes, “Ooh, we should probably write that.” And I said, “No, that’ll never work. Everybody says that already. I’m sure there are a million songs called “Good Vibes.”” There’s not. But that’s just kind of neat how it worked, because it’s really just that simple, y’all.

And I tell people all the time, you have to put actions to words. You have to walk it like you talk it. Even me. Sometimes when I sing it, it sort of subliminally is reminding myself. You know how they say sometimes that when you’re giving somebody an uplifting talk or speech, that you’re really talking to yourself? I think “Good Vibes” was really talking to me, too, because it’s a great reminder that you get up and you choose whether to have a bad day or a good day.

You choose it, every single day. Every single moment, you have a choice to be not nice to somebody, or to be really nice to somebody. I just pray really hard over myself, and ask for guidance and humility, and I think that good vibes all stem from that and for that. And I think we just got a big hit song out of it because of that.”


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