Matt Stell recently talked with about his new song “Prayed For You”.

I wrote the song with Ash Bowers — who’s also my manager — and Allison Veltz. Ash and I were waiting on Allison to get to the write, and she was running a little bit behind, but she called us and went, “Hey, I think I’ve got this idea.” And she laid it on us. She had “Prayed for You,” the back half of the chorus — [the part that goes] “Didn’t know you from Adam / But I prayed for you.”

She had met what turned out to be her husband maybe a week before, so she was riding pretty high from that. So that was our point of departure, and then Ash and I tried to inject our own experiences into the song. We came out with a guy that’s a lot like me, who’s way luckier than he deserves in most aspects of his life.

That’s pretty much how it happened. It was an organic thing. We knew, or at least we felt like we knew, that we’d done something we’d be proud of that day. Turns out, it’s been resonating with some people, so that’s been fantastic.

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